Five former Kansas City Chiefs player team between

Five former Kansas City Chiefs player team between 1987 and 1993 the team filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming possession of even lied about the risk of head injuries in a period during which there is no collective bargaining agreement in the NFL.
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Litigation player Leonard Griffin, Chris Martin, Joe Louis Phillips Alexander and Kevin Cooper • Porter are playing on behalf of the defense in front of Jackson County Circuit Court. It seeks more than 15,000 U.S. dollars of actual and punitive damages. All five players selected in the multi-million dollar settlement announced this summer, will compensate former players of head injuries.Cheap Custom Jerseys
Kansas City plaintiff claims to be suffering from post-concussion syndrome and potential brain disease, because multiple concussions sustained while playing their leaders. They also claimed that chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a definitive diagnosis can only by examining the brain after death.
Martin, residents of Kansas City's leader in linebacker from 1988 to 1993, at a news conference that he does not know, will continue to remain in the game after a head injury can cause permanent damage.Wholesale Hero Cape
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Thousands of Seahawks fans crowded stage

Thousands of Seahawks fans crowded stage in front of the TV when Russell Wilson out of the locker room still completely unified.Cheap Jerseys From China

Immediately began to sing.
After very difficult to oppose Wilson behave like Monday night.Wholesale Womens NFL jerseys
Wilson to 310 yards and three touchdowns, the Seahawks became the first team to reach the NFC playoffs 34-7 victory over the New Orleans Saints.
More important than just packing in the playoffs, the Seahawks (11-1) moved in the first two games in the rest of the NFC and home-field advantage holds tiebreakers in New Orleans (9 - 3) and Carolina (9 - 3), the two closest pursuers.Cheap NFL Women's Custom Jerseys
The rest of the top teams are better prepared in January visit the Pacific Northwest. After this defeat, the road through the NFC playoffs will almost certainly experience Seattle.
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After last week's appeal hearing postponed stealth

Miami Dolphins guard Richie stealth will remain suspended until the NFL said that special investigator Ted Wells to end his club's investigation workplace behavior.Wholesale NFL Jerseys
After last week's appeal hearing postponed stealth and Wells interviewed alleged Dolphins players, coaches and staff harassment and intimidation surrounding the exit before the team's Week 9 Jonathan Martin and Cincinnati game.Cheap NFL T Shirt reported, stealth and dolphins, league and players union approval, agreed to extend the pause until the end of his investigation wells.
Stealth, he will be paid during the exile, suspended on November 3, has missed three games. He can only suspend a total of four games in accordance with collective bargaining agreements, the time will end for the New York Jets on SundayCheap NFL Nike Jerseys
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To Li Manning and Robert - Griffin III

To Li Manning and Robert - Griffin III, the first half of the program.
Then both defender and their teams - including the not-ready-for-prime-time record - that they have become bottom-feeders NFC East.2013 Cheap Jerseys

However, a team must win, using the latest New York Giants Washington Redskins special teams error settings for a touchdown.Cheap Trade Nike NFL Jerseys
Andre Brown, a pair of touchdown Sunday night, and Justin Tuck has four bags - total beat the Redskins 24-17 to keep playoff game twice last season from the edge of the Giants.
The victory allows the giant department heads behind (5 - 7) two games in Dallas and Philadelphia have four, while Redskins (3-9) were eliminated from the playoffs in 21 years, completed the 17 season 0 - 5 in primetime.Cheap NFL Men's Custom Jerseys
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Since the team lost to the Detroit Lions on Sunday 's

Since the team lost to the Detroit Lions on Sunday 's game left ankle sprain, quarterback Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) will not participate in this week 's game with the Baltimore Ravens .Cheap Jerseys For Sale

    Cutler 's injury due to be observed by week , backup quarterback Josh - McCoy will be starting this Sunday 's game . Lions in Sunday's loss in the game, McCoy at a distance when the end of the game 2:17 to play, led the team to beat in a wave of 10 stalls advancing 74 yards of offense, and eventually pass to Brian Gordon - Marshall made ​​11 yards for a touchdown .
    Based on the severity of the sprain , Cutler might be absent 4-6 weeks. But it is worth noting that running back Matt - Ford in 2012 and Cutler has suffered a similar ankle sprain , but he missed only one game in 18 days after the injury took part in the race with the Dallas Cowboys .Wholesale NFL Nike Jerseys
    In McQuarrie participated this season, three games , he completed 70 passes 42 times , advancing 538 yards , four touchdowns, passer rating of 103.1. McCoy starting for the Bears three games , the team 's record is 2-1 , he passes 674 yards with four touchdowns, three steals , passer rating of 82.5 . Nike Kids NFL Jerseys Cheap
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