Since the team lost to the Detroit Lions on Sunday 's

Since the team lost to the Detroit Lions on Sunday 's game left ankle sprain, quarterback Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) will not participate in this week 's game with the Baltimore Ravens .Cheap Jerseys For Sale

    Cutler 's injury due to be observed by week , backup quarterback Josh - McCoy will be starting this Sunday 's game . Lions in Sunday's loss in the game, McCoy at a distance when the end of the game 2:17 to play, led the team to beat in a wave of 10 stalls advancing 74 yards of offense, and eventually pass to Brian Gordon - Marshall made ​​11 yards for a touchdown .
    Based on the severity of the sprain , Cutler might be absent 4-6 weeks. But it is worth noting that running back Matt - Ford in 2012 and Cutler has suffered a similar ankle sprain , but he missed only one game in 18 days after the injury took part in the race with the Dallas Cowboys .Wholesale NFL Nike Jerseys
    In McQuarrie participated this season, three games , he completed 70 passes 42 times , advancing 538 yards , four touchdowns, passer rating of 103.1. McCoy starting for the Bears three games , the team 's record is 2-1 , he passes 674 yards with four touchdowns, three steals , passer rating of 82.5 . Nike Kids NFL Jerseys Cheap
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