Texans re all-star players before Raiders punt hand signed for three years

Hand punt Shane - Lai Chele (Shane Lechler) and Houston Texans signed a three-year $ 5.5 million contract.
     According to informed sources revealed that the contract includes $ 1 million signing bonus, 13 seasons of his basic salary of $ 1,000,000, 14 and 15 seasons of his base salary is $ 1.75 million.

     36-year-old Lai Chele grew up near the East Bernard, worked in Texas A & M University to play, and now lives in Richmond. Prior to his 13-year career were spent in Oakland, although in 2009 he had the opportunity to leave as a free agent.
     At that time he had considered Texans and the opportunity to play back home, but eventually chose the Al - Davis offered him a four-year $ 12 million contract to stay in the Raiders. This time he did not let the opportunity slip away, and his parents live in Scilly, his grandparents lived in Horton, while his brother lived in Monte Bellevue. "I have a lot of supporters here, I think they all want me to be back to play here." Lai Chele said.
     This is the Texans signed in recent days was selected second perennial Pro Bowl player. Friday they had just and security guard Ed - Reid signed a three-year $ 15 million contract.
     Lai Chele average total yardage per punt (47.5) ranked the first in NFL history and there are four seasons in the league on the data first. Meanwhile in his career on the net punt yardage (38.8) ranked seventh in the league. Raiders in the 2000 NFL Draft No. 5 pick to Lai Chele, in his rookie season on the Raiders reached the AFC Championship, the 2002 season also reached the Super Bowl. But since then the team will no longer missing the playoffs. Lai Chele eager to once again have a competitive team play. Lai Chele had seven-time Pro Bowl. 2003-05 season, he had 33 consecutive games with more than 50 yards punt, which is the 1970 NFL / AFL record since the merger.
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Top 15 Wide Receivers of College Football 2013 (Preview)

These are going to be the top 15 college football receivers for the 2013 season.

15. Stefon Diggs, Maryland
14. Malcolm Mitchell, Georgia
13. Jaxon Shipley, Texas
12. Allen Robinson, Penn State
11. Tevin Reese, Baylor
10. Mike Davis, Texas
9. Cody Hoffman, BYU
8. Mike Evans, Texas A&M
7. Davante Adams, Fresno State
6. Josh Stewart, Oklahoma State
5. Brandin Cooks, Oregon State
4. Amari Cooper, Alabama
3. Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt
2. Sammy Watkins, Clemson
1. Marqise Lee, USC

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I feel like the only reason Sammy Watkins got ranked 2 was beacuase his number is 2..lol he should def. be ranked 1 (my opinion)
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Starting wide contract with the pirates Tong Jisheng, he ranked second data

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and wide receiver Mike - Williams (Mike Williams) signed a six-year $ 40.25 million contract extension.

     Williams is the fourth-round pick in 2010, when some scouts think he might be selected in the first round, but a lot of teams in college because of his off-court issues rather than the venue selected him. Last season he and Vincent - Jackson partner as Buccaneers wide receiver, 26 years old, he has 63 catches, 996 yards and nine touchdowns advance, helping Josh - Freeman became the first team in the history bit single-season quarterback passing over 4000 yards.
     Jackson also played for themselves as pirates first season contributed a lot, with 72 catches for 1,384 yards and eight touchdowns advance. Williams is about to enter his rookie contract last season. In his rookie season with 65 catches for 964 yards and 11 touchdowns to promote the 2011 season he had 65 catches and 771 yards forward.
     In the past three seasons 里威廉姆斯 193 catches, 2,731 yards and 23 touchdowns to promote, in all the players into the NFL in 2010 ranked second in the first row of the Dallas Cowboys Diaz - Kobe Bryant, who had 200 catches for 2,871 yards and 27 touchdowns advance.
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TMZ Iceland ... With Bam Margera!

The "Jackass" tries to explain why he got arrested in Iceland ... but maybe he shouldn't have had that beer first.

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Manning's first show to help the Bears rout Broncos win over opponents lightning crows were

NFL Preseason more than the end of the first week of competition, Peyton - Manning to help the Denver Broncos on the road to 31-3 rout of the Chicago Bears, San Diego Chargers home to 21-13 victory over the Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens Away 31 - 17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

Ups and downs last season Philip - Rivers (Philip Rivers) did not reach the best state of the field, although the outgoing one touchdown, interceptions and forced fumbles also have time, trump tight end Antonio - Gates demonstrated a good condition, two times the ball forward 29 yards, as well as a touchdown. Rookie Garrett - Lee (Jarrett Lee) got more performance opportunities, a total of 235 yards and came up a touchdown, the field is the biggest player in the Lightning team win. Vincent - Jackson after leaving Tampa Bay Lightning team ushered in a Vincent, he is another one of the field 27 yards touchdowns Vincent - Brown (Vincent Brown), Curtis - Brin Cleveland (Curtis Brinkley) 11 times the ball ran 42 yards, as well as the red zone rushing touchdowns, but this is also largely thanks to Lee touchdowns passing attack range.
The first regular season record last season, the Packers team returned with a bit rusty, Rogers appeared in the first ball off the ball, more terrible than losing their injuries, there are 18 players in this field did not wear shirts, including ace wide receiver Greg - Jennings (Greg Jennings) and left tackle Marshall - Newhouse (Marshall Newhouse). Left tackle Desmond - Bishop (Desmond Bishop) after a scramble in the arm end, Lightning team has lost, the main running back Ryan - Matthews (Ryan Matthews) shoulder was injured. Another highlight of this field is Shannon - Yi Siting (Shannon Eastin), because the referee strike, she had the honor to become the first female referee NFL history, with 15 years of law enforcement experience, she is quite satisfactory performance, previously had experience in law enforcement college game , but he still drove a basketball, football referee training company.
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